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Frequently Asked Questions

We trade the S&P-500. But we look into Dow Jones, NASDAQ 100, Euro, Oil and Gold. As these specific instruments co related from time to time (YM) E-mini Dow futures, (ES) E-mini S&P-500 futures, (NQ) E-mini NASDAQ 100 futures, (6E) Euro FX futures, (CL) Crude Oil futures, and (GC) Gold futures.

We will teach you to become a trader, you may apply it in different market with higher liquidity.

Yes. On a custom basis we provide analysis on Futures market and Currencies.

During US market timmings 80% of trading and 20% of coaching. Mentoring is done in different slots as available. Please enquiry for details.

The upload is done after watching Asian Market and London open activities.

From Monday to Friday the room is open from 9am EST to 11:30 EST for trading.

There are two specific time periods for futures that offer the best opportunity based on volatility. The first being 8 AM – 12 PM EST. which covers most major U.S. economic releases, the (6E) Euro FX futures, (CL) Crude Oil futures, and (GC) Gold futures pit opens, the U.S. cash open and the London close. The second best time to trade is 2 AM – 5 AM EST which covers the London open.

Yes and no. We do not rely on indicators, blue light and red light system. Our trading strategy is the blend of market structure, Demand & supply, proprietary levels and fundamentals.

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