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Bernie and Hillary

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Bernie and Hillary

Market Outlook 10th June 2016 Emini S&P500

Good Morning Members,

As of London session openings

US Dollar: Up at 94.188. The US Dollar is up 188 ticks.
Financials: The Sept 30 year bond is up 3 ticks and trading at 167.20.
Indices: The June S&P 500 emini ES contract is down 36 ticks and trading at 2105.25.
Energies: July Crude is down at 49.88.
Gold: The August gold contract is trading down at 1269.50.

The indices are down and Crude is trading lower which is not correlated.

Directional Bias
Yesterday we predicted the markets a downside bias as the Bonds, Gold and the USD were all trading higher Thursday morning hence the downside bias. Today we aren’t dealing with a correlated market and our bias is to the downside.
Bernie and Hillary